Thursday, February 14, 2008

We're home

Actually we've been home for a day and a half, but blogging hasn't been high on the list. We're both trying to catch up on sleep and figure out how to run a house that suddenly has a whole new focus. We've been so completely in our own world that we were surprised to see cars with snow on them on the road this morning. If you've ever been in North Carolina when snow was threatened, you know how hard it is to avoid the frenzy that accompanies even the lightest of flurries.

Also, apparently it's Valentine's Day.

Conrad had his first pediatrician visit this morning. He came home from the hospital with a bit of jaundice but it seems to be progressing nicely and he is eating like an absolute champ, after a bit of a shaky start in the first couple of days. In fact, he's eating now, and has been for roughly 90 minutes straight. The doctor said he had gained a good amount of weight since leaving the hospital. Like the hospital, our doctor uses a seemingly random mix of English and metric units which makes things complicated. I think she said he'd gained 85 hectares.

Jean is doing well and continues to amaze me with her strength and good humor. If it hadn't been confirmed during her champion performance during a long and often difficult labor, seeing her love and devotion to Conrad makes me realize anew every hour that I couldn't have found a better person to do this with.

And now, the stuff you came for:


Betsy said...

He's so tiny! And adorable! Hang in there guys...the first few weeks will absolutely fly by.

mariamarini said...

Absolutely the most perfect little single birth male in the history of the universe!!!

Congratulations to one and all. Fabulous name, by the way.

emily said...

He's beautiful. Jean, you look amazing -- so calm and collected. You guys are going to be naturally great parents :)