Saturday, February 16, 2008


Posing for his postage stamp

When people hear the name Conrad, we often get two questions. "Is it a family name?" Yes, it's Jean's mother's family name. We also get some variation of "What are you actually going to call him?"

How about we just call him Conrad? Does he need a diminutive? Our nephew Marcus has been called Marcus for his entire 12 years and that seems to have worked out fine. (Although I just decided this minute that I'm going to call him Marco from now on).


If Conrad did need a nickname, the only obvious one that comes to mind is Connie, which could be a trifle problematic, what with him being a boy and all.

I just did a web search and found that Kurt is a traditional German nickname for Conrad, but if we wanted to call him Kurt we would have called him Kurt. Another German nickname for Conrad, apparently, is Kunz (or Kunze or Kunza), but let's not even.

I did find somebody on the web named Conrad who goes by Cosmo. That is totally awesome. I've been calling Conrad Cosmo since he woke up from his last nap and Jean hasn't tried to stop me.



Casper said...

Just reporting that every time I read a post, Peter says "bay-bay!"

Now, as to Cosmo, wait until his hair comes in. If he resembles Kramer, it's a sign.


emily said...

I definitely vote for Cosmo. Or you could do something w/ the "rad" side -- RadDog maybe? Radasaurus? Radalopolous?

Betsy said...

We got the same question with Eliza. What are you going to call her? Uh...Eliza???? And now, of course, Jason is calling her Ellie. My dad calls her "little E." So many identities already. I love Conrad, btw. Great name. Don't mess with it. :)