Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There's a mom and a dad, too.

The picture below of Conrad and me was taken a few hours after he was born, but I waited until today (after Jean had finally been able to take a shower) to post any of her. (I also have a series shot for reference during our session with the lactation consultant, but I doubt she'd appreciate me putting those up.)

Jean bought a nice new sweater for the hospital. My only considerations when packing were comfort and the potential for mess, so I've been walking around the place looking like the contents of a Goodwill donation box.


Catherine said...

Nice pix, keep 'em coming! Are you at home now?

Yvonne said...

Jean, you look crazy radiant. New moms everywhere are envious of you! Overachiever, as always. :)


griffey said...

So cute, and Conrad's not bad either.