Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He looks good in stripes

Knowing that there are lots of current parents reading this blog, I'll try to avoid the new Dad habit of acting like I've just discovered babies and am announcing their existence to you. We've had enough experiences just in the past 29 hours that made me realize I have a lot to learn, but almost all of it is already known by one or all of you. For instance, you already know that gas makes babies cry. I just learned that around noon.

One thing that I think might be new, though. See that cute hat he's wearing? Five minutes ago Jean looked over and noticed he'd pulled it completely down over his face, all the way to his chin. This after 29 hours of fighting to remove the hat. He doesn't like it much on his head, but he likes it even less when worn like a ski mask without eye holes.

One last quick note before we get him ready for lunch: Those of you who have told us how cute he is should know that your opinion has been verified by at least six medical professionals who see babies every day. So now we know it's fact.