Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun With Sleep Deprivation

Last night around 2 a.m. Conrad was ready to be fed, and it's my job to get him up and change his diaper in preparation. Then I remembered the baby care class where we learned you not only have to change the baby's diaper, you also have to change the baby's basket, but you don't have to change his basket every time you change his diaper. So I lay there wondering if it was time to change his basket, or just his diaper.

As I woke up a little more, I started wondering what exactly the hell his basket was. While I was thinking about that, I remembered the class was taught by Captain Deakins, the character on Law and Order: Criminal Intent who sometimes wears an eyepatch. At that point I was pretty much awake and realized I could stop looking for his basket.

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