Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Day Alone

Today was the first day that Conrad and I spent alone home together. Up until now, either Dave or the doula have been here for all of part of the day. Hence the lack of photos, as Dave has been in charge of all things electronic in the past two weeks.

All in all, it went pretty well. I still am contemplating how I might watch the baby, take a shower, get dressed and leave the house in a single day. Perhaps the shower isn't so important.

The miracle of the day is that Conrad has been holding tight to a schedule. I'm sure this has nothing to do with me, and more to do with him, his stomach size and disposition. Regardless, every three hours, like clockwork, he wakes up, nurses and then promptly goes back to sleep. I'm sure this won't last, but it's been a very nice first day together.

I've even had time to pet the poor needy cats. Poor Roy is about to tie a napsack to his back and go in search of a more attentive family. It's hard to explain the concept of 'baby' to the furry family that's been the center of attention for the past ten years.

In other news, we welcome two new babies to the world. Congratulations Jenny and Jon Whaley on the arrival of Sterling Bernard, born on Sunday. They came and visited us on Friday night and then Jenny went into labor on Saturday. That's some baby mojo Conrad has.

Also Congratulations to our neighbors Ingrid and Rob Morris on the arrival of Anna Katherine, born on Thursday. Conrad looks forward to hanging out with his new friends.


emily said...

It gets easier, I swear. And you change your priorities -- for me it's getting my teeth brushed every morning, and an evening shower. Morning showers are optional, i.e. happen when there are 3 other people in the house to watch the babies. And Bumbo's, exersaucers and empty laundry baskets are excellent baby containment devices once Conrad's a bit older.

aisha said...

Kudos on your first day alone.

Yvonne said...

I'm impressed! Go Jean! If there's one central lesson of parenting, it's that you will continually discover deeply hidden stores of energy, motivation, creativity, etc. that you had no idea even existed.

Opa said...

Nice going. Not only can you handle the baby responsibilities, but your blogging is a welcome historical addition to the Comedy Central script we've been enjoying up to now. (Pix are welcome with either genre.)

griffey said...

It does get easier, and you'll find yourself thinking "well, he can't really hurt himself in the crib while I shower" more often than you might believe. Even better, it's true!

On the other hand, I barely remember the first two-three weeks of Eliza. About a month in, it'll be way different.

Cynthia said...

Hey Jean! Congratulations! Yvonne pointed me over here. Conrad is beautiful and seems to be very smart by behaving so well on your first day alone. Showering is pretty important to me but getting dressed is kind of overrated. I kid.

Jenny said...

I have no idea how to take a shower unless there is a parent, a husband, or a doula in the house. I may just bring the carseat into the bathroom, or the bouncy seat, once we start using it.

(ps - we have those Johnny's socks! why don't they all come in black! that would be much more practical)

Jean said...

Jenny - since this post, I have taken a shower with the swing in the bathroom. Then yesterday, I actually left Conrad in the bedroom in his carseat (post car ride) while I was in the bathroom. It felt like a major coup.