Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A big day

I guess they're all big days when you've only had 16 of them. Today Conrad met another grandparent, Grammy, who's here for two weeks. We went to the airport en famille to meet her. I'm sure he was very excited, although his outward demeanor was as it always is when he's in the car: cool and detached. Asleep, really.

As if that weren't enough, he also had his first visit to a restaurant tonight. We went to Panzanella, where I had the homemade papardelle with bolognese, Jean had the lemon chicken with mascarpone mashed potatoes, Thelma had the scallops with risotto, and Conrad had a nap. Possibly with dreams of boob.

By the way, I will usually post more pictures to his Flickr page than I post here, and some days I may only post pictures to Flickr without posting here at all, so be sure to check the Flickr page, too. The link is over there in the right column somewhere.

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Opa said...

Congratulations to Conrad on receiving his Grammy award - and to Grammy for her Conrad award.