Friday, January 4, 2008

The Origin of Mr. X

You may notice that we have registries and links to other purveyors of fine baby goods on the right side under the heading of 'Mr. X's Registry'.

We have been struggling with a baby name for many a month and still have come to no conclusions. However, we felt that we should refer to said fetus as something more than just 'the baby'. While watching a movie back in July or August, we tried out the names in the credits. One of the last ones was 'Mr. X Lights and Sound' or something like that and somehow Mr. X has stuck. And honestly, it has stuck to the point that Mr. X is sounding like a mighty fine name to me these days. I mean, it worked for Mr. T, right?

Also, luckily, we found out in September that the baby was a boy. Good thing since Mr. X would be a pretty silly name for a girl.

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