Monday, October 15, 2007

Don got a slide scanner...

...and he's using it to scan in all of the old family slides that have been sitting in my parents various closets over the years. Behold me, at some young ages. I'll try to annotate as much as I can remember.

Me with a doll in bed. I think this was my parents room. They used to let me watch tv in there. I'm pretty sure I still have one of these sheets that we use as a painting drop cloth. Note the wallpaper.

On the jungle gym with my brother and Mom in our back yard in New Jersey. Note my mom's cool sunglasses and my fine matching orange hat, sweater and socks. I bet someone knit those for me.

I'm not looking too pleased in my Halloween costume, posing next to our next door neighbors Scott, David and Greg.

No memories of this moment. But do check out the lovely baby walking shoes of yore.

No memories of this moment either, although I don't look too pleased to be having my picture taken.

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