Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sink Roy

The cats are beginning to sense that the jig is up. Ever since we cleared out the room that the baby will sleep in and began putting new furniture in there, they've been acting weird. Siegfried, who is our more mischievous kitty, will often go and roll around on the rug in the baby's room. Roy, our more needy kitty, has been spending much more time with us wherever we are.

Last night, in an attempt to garner more affection, Roy crawled up into the bathroom sink and meowed until we petted him. When I shooed him out, he jumped into the bathtub and rolled around in there - something he does occasionally when he wants to be petted and we are in the bathroom.

Hastings, our most affectionate kitty, seems to maintaining equilibrium for now. Although this will surely change when he realizes that the spot between Dave and I where he curls up at night and sleeps will soon be filled by a tiny human.

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