Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fly the Conrad Skies

Did I already use that post title? I may well have. I've taken so many pictures of the boy. It's always rewarding, but I end up with more pictures than I can edit. Today, for the second time since he was born, I got a "memory card full" message on my camera. The way I have the camera configured, the memory card holds about 6,000 images. (Fewer if you shoot video, but still.) So here are some pictures I forgot to post when they happened.

Here's one on our flight back from our trip to Chicago and Michigan in late July. It would be funnier if he had caused trouble on the flight but of course he was completely cool the whole time.

Here's another of the many early attempt at solid food shots:

And from that same trip, a gathering of Conrad's board of advisors:

And finally one shot in a sunny Chicago park at a picnic celebrating Emily and Karen's commitment ceremony:

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