Sunday, July 20, 2008

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside footie pajamas

One thing has been constant throughout Conrad's life: he doesn't like to nap, except in the car seat. Put him in the car or the stroller and he'll be asleep within a few minutes.

Except today. We went for an hour-long walk this morning and for the whole time he just looked at me with a slightly uncomfortable look on his face. He yawned a couple of times, but that was it.

Once again I realize we know nothing.


Jenny said...

we always describe Sterling as a mystery wrapped in bacon.

His new trick is going to bed later. And later. And later. And today I was animatedly narrating myself putting away the laundry and I swear he said "socks."

Betsy said...

Having a bad napper is one of those things nobody warns you might happen. I always thought when babies got tired, they sleep. Wrong! Eliza is a crappy napper, too. She has also nearly given up stroller naps, which used to be our sure thing. The car still works, though.