Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Three Magic Squirrels

I have written before in these annals of my revelation that, when called upon, I was unable to think of song lyrics to sing to my lullaby-needy child. Turns out this phenomenon extends to story telling as well. When I was a wee lad, my father would tell me stories about Little P and his friends Finn McCool the Leprechaun, and Clavnis Rafferstan, the Rabbit with the Removable Ears. In fact, last weekend he told Conrad the story of how the three of them took a ride in a flying garbage truck. He had a roomful of adults captivated, almost as much as Conrad.

I tend to think of myself as a fairly imaginative person, but as in so many things in life, the real test is how well you manage at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Here's the story I told Conrad at 4 o'clock this morning:

The Three Magic Squirrels

Once upon a time there were three magic squirrels, and their names were Magic Squirrel 1, Magic Squirrel 2 and Magic Squirrel 3. Magic Squirrel 1 said to the other magic squirrels, "I have to go to the DMV. Do you guys want to come with?"

"I do," said Magic Squirrel 2, "because I'd like to go to the Family Dollar store that is near the DMV."

"Okay," declared Magic Squirrel 1. "Do you want to drive, or do you want me to drive?"

"I want you to drive," replied Magic Squirrel 2, "for I have a bunch of stuff in my back seat."

And Magic Squirrel 3 said, "I am a magic squirrel."

The End.

Coming soon: The Three Magic Squirrels go to Radio Shack


opa said...

Once upon a time there was a magic hound dog. He spotted three magic squirrels and chased them all the way to a bookstore, where they bought a book of stories to read to Conrad.

Pomerantz said...

I always find myself telling and retelling Charlotte the story of Star Wars, replacing a different character each time with Charlotte, or the story of Indiana Pomerantz.

Our friend Will used to read articles from the Economist or whatever he happened to be reading to his daughter when she was a newborn.

Of course the day will come when you can recite Where the Wild Things Are or One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish from memory.