Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today, Conrad is one month old. It's hard to believe how quickly this time has flown by. One of our neighbors wisely said that with a baby, the days are long but the time goes by quickly. This seems to be a perfect statement of how it feels.

Dave is shepherding Conrad through the fussy hours while I write this. While my parents were visiting, Conrad seemed to have read all of the baby books we have lying around and developed a fussy period between 6 and 10pm. The last two evenings have been much calmer, but I think it's due to our strategy of a long walk at 6pm, cluster feedings every 1 1/2 to 2 hours, swaddling and shushing. And, of course, lots of holding.

I'm sure more experienced parents will laugh at the thought that I can control our lovely little boy at such a tender young age. But it makes me feel better to at least have a plan.

Speaking of which, the other day I actually said to Conrad, 'Resistance is futile'. And then I realized that I might as well have been speaking to myself. It's quite a switch of mindset to realize that the true commander of our household arrived last month. We are merely pawns in his game.


Kirstin said...

Jean, you are so right! I love this pic--it reminds me of a classic Calvin and Hobbes facial expression. As for "resistance is futile," once Leo was mobile, Jeff always used the Lord of the Rings line "thou shall not pass." Another favorite was from Harry Potter, about "constant vigilance" (that was MadEye Moody).

Yvonne said...

Holy cow. A month old already - sheesh! Sounds like you are discovering the Zen of Parenting. Charlotte continues to worship Conrad and request viewings of his blog / flicker stream by pointing at my computer and commanding, "Baby Conrad!"