Saturday, March 1, 2008

He's acting kind of sullen, too

Conrad's baby acne arrived right on schedule, and just in time for the weekend's scheduled photo shoots. Still, it's just a phase and we know it'll pass. He's also been asking for his own cell phone, and he wants us to drop him off at the mall.

This is the expression we've been calling "breakfast face" since he was born, but earlier this week the doula told us it didn't mean he was hungry, it just meant he was thinking. Uh huh. Right. Thinking about boob.

Years ago I read the results of a study linguists had done on newborns that determined babies are born with the ability to make all the sounds in all the languages of the world, even the ones that are hard to learn as an adult, like rolled French Rs and African !X sounds. I believe it, because lately it seems Conrad has been speaking dolphin. We've been calling him Flipper, in fact. I'd be afraid to take him to Sea World right now, for fear they would claim him as their own.

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