Thursday, October 1, 2009

Health Coaching

*This is not a picture of our family, but rather a vision of our future.

Dave and I started eating exclusively off of a list of superfoods about 2 months ago. The result has been a gain in energy and overall well being, as well as some weight loss for both of us. To continue this process, I signed us up for 6 sessions of health coaching. Our plan is to come up with a list of manageable goals surrounding our lifestyle and exercise that we can maintain for the long run.

Here are the goals we established today in our inaugural session:
  • Take a 45 minute walk together every Saturday. Measure at the end of the October to see our progress.
  • Limit television to one hour or one movie per day.
  • Eat dinner together at the table every night we eat at home with no television.
I know these sound small, but this is progress for us in working together to achieve the lives we want to lead.

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opa said...

Joyce and I both congratulate you! At one time or another we each had to struggle with our weight, and we know that determination can make the difference. We're pulling for you.