Wednesday, February 4, 2009

As clever as he is barfy

The Boy has been suffering through a stomach bug since Friday. He seems to be almost done with it, which is a great relief to all involved, as you can imagine. But the virus ravaging his digestive tract doesn't seem to have affected his brain development. Yesterday he:

1. Said "ba ba ba" while eating banana, but not like "ba ba hey what's that shiny thing ba ba I'm going to try to kiss the kitty near the base of his tail again ba," but totally like "I am eating this foodstuff which I believe, based on evidence acquired through observation of The Mommy and The Daddy, to be called bababa."

2. When prompted, "Conrad, bring me the green ball," brought me the green ball. And he wasn't holding it or anything. He turned, walked to the shelf, picked it up and brought it to me.

3. Demonstrated the use of simple tools:

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