Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Conrad's first snow day

We had a couple of inches of snow overnight so we're home having a snow day. I was anticipating a "Hoohoo!" when Conrad saw the snow for the first time, but his reaction was a little more restrained, although he did seem fascinated. He seems to be following his pattern of observing and evaluating before coming to a conclusion. Maybe after he wakes up from his nap he'll deliver a verdict on snow.

For those relatives living in northern climes, before you launch into a diatribe about how wimpy we are in the South when it comes to snow, here is my standard answer:  We don't have chains, we don't have snow tires, we have, like, ten plows for the entire state and this only happens every couple of years, so we can afford to shut everything down.


opa said...

Besides, we have a great way of avoiding accidents: the minute it starts to snow, we drive into the ditch.

Jenn Castaldo said...

Jean, he is getting so big! What cute pictures. :) I hope all is well!