Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two weeks is a long time in the life of a baby

I know, it's unforgivable that I've gone so long without posting. So much has happened. He's crawling like a champ, pulling up and starting to cruise. I think. That's one of those baby terms of which I only have a vague grasp. He's pulling up, standing with only one hand to steady himself, and looking really hard like he wants to try to walk to other objects. If that's cruising, that's what he's doing.

(Note also our new easy-to-clean carpet squares to replace the bad, bad, white shag rug that Conrad enjoyed harvesting and spitting up upon.)

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Betsy said...

Sounds like he's close to cruising but not quite doing it. You'll know when he does it. He'll find a way to get from couch to chair to table, around table, back to couch, to TV or whatever...all while "walking" sideways and holding on to the furniture with his hands. He'll get better and better at it until you're like "Where's Conrad? Oh, he's getting something out of the fridge." ;)