Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some new skills are more useful than others.

Like every new parent in America we have a copy of the book "What to Expect the First Year," a.k.a. "Rate Your Baby." It lists milestones that babies may or may not reach at different stages of development. Conrad has usually been ahead of the curve on most of them (in case you missed that subtle subtext in previous posts) but has been lagging behind in his ability to make "wet razzing noises." And we all know what a valuable skill that is. Today he made up for it in spades.

WARNING: This video contains scenes of drool that non-grandparents may find disturbing.


Betsy said...

I never get tired of that sound. I will always think it's funny, even when Eliza is 8 and really, really shouldn't be doing it in public anymore.

Catherine said...

I for one think the raspberry ability is indispensable. But I really shouldn't be laughing this hard with a tube in my side!