Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Wow - we haven't posted anything since the end of March. How can be? It's certainly not because Conrad hasn't done all sorts of wonderful and cute things, but more that we're caught up in the day to day caring and feeding of our little baby. I'm feeling especially fond of him right now because he's sleeping in his swing.

The big news in our lives is that we're looking for a nanny. After waiting to hear of an open spot on four different daycare waiting lists, we finally decided that rather than put him one geographically inconvenient place to potentially move him to a more geographically convenient place and then ultimately put him in Dave's work daycare, that we'd hire someone to come to our home until Dave's work daycare has an availability.

All grandparents and other well wishers may breathe a sigh of relief.

We've placed some ads and are also working with an agency under the heading of 'use all available avenues'. We've gotten some good responses and some not so good responses from our ad, so the next step is to have some phone interviews and see where that leads us.

In the case that you're reading this and live in this area, do let us know if you happen to know of a wonderful nanny who is looking for employment beginning in May.

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