Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fo fanny

After going through about 50 email responses to our Craig's List and newspaper postings and half a dozen phone interviews, we have found a nanny. It was actually a lot easier than we thought it would be. There's a place in town where people looking for work hang out, and she was there with some of the guys. She said she has lots of child care experience. Well, really she just said "Yes" to every question we asked. She promised she'd leave him with plenty of food and water if she had to leave during the day.

But seriously, we did find a nanny. She's got extensive infant care experience and worked at a daycare center and has a degree in early childhood education. She's worked at a bank for the last several years but has been thinking of becoming a full-time nanny for a while when she saw our ad. Plus, we like her. We talked to several people who were perfectly well qualified, but didn't quite gel. Obviously if we're going to be seeing her every day and discussing Conrad's growth and happiness and development with her, we want someone who can hold up her end.

Maybe we can add blogging to her list of responsibilities and not go three weeks between posts anymore.

Now of course we have to figure out what to call her. I think we'll follow the convention from the movie "The Nanny Diaries" and call her Nanny. Maybe we'll insist she call herself that, too.

"I have to go to the DMV Friday, so I'd like to leave a little early."

"I'm sorry, what did you say, Nanny?"

"Alright, fine. Nanny has to go to the DMV Friday, so Nanny would like to leave a little early."

"Absolutely not."


paul c said...

"Now of course we have to figure out what to call her. "

Is she unhappy with Ms. Poppins?

Alex said...

Hehe... secrets divulged - there's Punky, Punkin, BonChiChi, Bonnie Belle, and BonBon. BonBon would probably be easiest for Conrad although I really like "Nanny" like you guys are thinking... the whole family could have fun calling her "Nanny" or "Mrs. Poppins" :)