Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not just a pretty face

According to one of the 80 to 100 baby books we have accumulated, your baby is advanced if, at the end of one month, he can raise his head while lying on his stomach.

Oh yeah? Check this out:

Three weeks old and he's doing frickin' yoga. This one is cobra pose. We fully expect to wake up tomorrow and find him doing a sun salutation.

In addition to tummy time (I hoped I would be able to avoid some of the baby jargon, but so far no such luck - except we have decided to call pacifiers "pacifiers" and avoid any other cutesy-poo abbreviations), Conrad went for a stroll today, with his mom and Grammy. Luckily we bundled him up against the brutal North Carolina winter:

Today's high: 59 degrees

One of today's many costume changes included this cute little number:

Why does he need pockets? What's he going to keep in there?

Although he did get his insurance card in the mail yesterday. It was the first piece of mail addressed to him. I was momentarily confused, like after you get married and receive a card seemingly addressed to your parents. So he's getting mail, and accumulating identity cards. I suppose he needs a wallet now, too.

More pics from tummy time, Grammy time and Opa time added to the Flickr page, along with a shot of Jean and her favorite new feeding time accessory.


Kirstin said...

That's what the pockets are for, the pacifier and his wallet.

Alison said...

Hey, Zanna still can't do that at 2 months. She HATES tummy time.

A pacifier is a "botchy" at our house, a word my mom made up when my brother was a baby.

Rachel said...

iWhy does he need pockets? What's he going to keep in there?

Spare change. An extra change of clothes. His insurance card. Babies need lots of stuff.