Monday, March 10, 2008

If you look closely, you can see the puff of smoke from the grassy knoll.

After we posted photos of Conrad rolling over at 22 days, several readers asked to see video of the event. I mean, come on. Would I really include my own newborn son in a hoax with no hope of financial gain? Anyway, here he is doing it again tonight, although he's facing away from the camera at the start, which doesn't rule out the possibility that there were tiny mechanical assist devices concealed by his onesie, or perhaps a long stick prodding him from just offscreen. And since you can't see his face very well, I can't prove this isn't a stunt little person, or in fact a mechanical baby. And why is there no audio?


Betsy said...

Yep, that's amazing!!! It has taken Eliza 12 weeks to realize that kicking her legs helps her turn over. Just wait 'til they're mobile! Watch out!

dilenn said...

He looks a bit like those time-lapse films of a bud flowering or a pupa bursting into a butterfly. Maybe if he tried using his hands or took advantage of the excessive weight by leading with his head, he could smooth out that move. I give him an 8 (that's good!).

emily said...

That's so cool (I'm just catching up on the blog)! Rowan wasn't turning over by 5 months, so I showed her Conrad's video and peer-pressured her into it. But Conrad does it like he means it -- Rowan just throws an arm over and lets her fatitude do the rest. Almost like cheating.