Wednesday, March 5, 2008

From the Front

We've noticed that Conrad is beginning to define his evening fussy period between 6 and 9pm. Last night Dave said that he'd like it if Conrad would get this over with before he got home from work. And today he responded in spades.

Here is a list of the items he either peed or pooped on all between 5 and 11am:
  • four outfits
  • three changing pad covers
  • a boppy cover
  • my robe
  • the mama
  • a comforter cover
  • a blanket
  • my pajamas

There was one incident that did a great deal of the above damage. Two words: projectile pooping.

I'm sure a lot of this is due to poor diapering, poor diapers (those 7th generation hippie no dye diapers really don't do the job) or sleep deprivation on the part of the mama. Some of this will work itself out over time. Until then, thank god for the washing machine.


Kirstin said...

Some of it's just that that's the way babies are! You're doing fine. Leo was also a big spitter--so we had pee poop and spit-up everywhere for a while.

Yvonne said...

We've all been there. Not a pretty sight. Three changing pad covers in one morning... impressive. Conrad continues to excel. :)
I know they're earth hostile, but I came to love the disposable changing pads for extra scary diaper changes. I'd whip one out and put one on top of the fabric cover. If it survived unscathed, great! I'd leave it there for next time. But sometimes it would save me a lot of laundry...

Catherine said... happens
no reflection necessarily on your diapering skills or products! although I have to say that disposables were more resilient.

Ms. Four said...

I liked those Seventh Gen diapers... and found diapers leaked when S needed the next size up. Of course, poop is very different in toddler land.

I don't know nothing 'bout diapering no babies.

Now we're trying to generate lots of enthusiasm about ... yes ... wearing underwear!

Jean said...

Ms Four - I think you might be right on Conrad needing the next size up of diapers. We had some in a different brand that were bigger which I attributed to the brand instead of the size. Perhaps we shall give the 7th gen diapers another shot in a bigger size.