Saturday, March 29, 2008

Conrad meets a few cousins

Jean's cousin Laura visited this week and met Conrad. She changed his diaper, played with him, spent several days with Jean and Conrad and bought him some nice stuff. Somehow we managed to avoid getting a single picture of her. But here's Conrad in the onesie she bought him:

Apparently it was originally designed to be worn by monkeys, but luckily it fits the boy as well.

Laura also accompanied us on Conrad's first trip to the beach, to visit Charlie and Marty, who are either my first cousin once removed and my first cousin once removed in-law, or perhaps my second cousin and my second cousin once removed in-law. I've never been sure. Jean's family, an efficient and no-nonsense bunch, calls them my aunt and uncle.

With four daughters and three grandchildren, Charlie and Marty know their way around a baby. At one point I went to see if Conrad needed changing and Marty told me she'd already done it. I was right there the whole time and never saw it. She's like a ninja grandma.

Also, they know all the facial expressions:

Marty and Conrad

Charlie and Conrad

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